‘Live’ editable Assignment on Teams

Setting a ‘live’ assignment on Teams: Step 1: Create your lesson PowerPoint. Structure it so there are short and simple tasks for students to completeCreate a word document which compliments the activities. See below Example: PowerPoint slide Example: Word document Step 2: In your individual class team, add the ppt to the ‘files’ section. This … Continue reading ‘Live’ editable Assignment on Teams

Leadership: Curriculum Planning for September


“Plan for what it is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small” – Sun Tzu I’m writing this post as we’ve just welcomed our year 10s back to school in their bubble filled days. I’ve just gotten my head around how I’d like the next 4 weeks to run … Continue reading Leadership: Curriculum Planning for September

Our KS3 key concepts and assessment


Two of my most popular posts are Geography KS3 assessment – Life without Levels and Our KS3 Geography Curriculum. I've refreshed this slightly by sharing our KS3 key concepts and assessment areas below. If you'd like to read more, I'd suggest giving the aforementioned posts a read. There are 5 key 'big ideas' to geography … Continue reading Our KS3 key concepts and assessment

Teacher Workload and Wellbeing books


Staff Wellbeing and Workload Personal workload management and positive wellbeing have been high on my own agenda for a number of years now, but this hasn’t always been the case since starting my teaching career. I’m now a whole school staff wellbeing lead at my current school, working alongside a small team of teachers, leaders … Continue reading Teacher Workload and Wellbeing books


Five Approaches to Fieldwork

My personal thoughts on fieldwork: During the start of my PGCE year I barely appreciated the value of fieldwork, and definitely felt the admin side of it was not worth the hassle (risk assessments are not fun to write). Over the years, my views completely transformed as I investigated further into the values and benefits … Continue reading Five Approaches to Fieldwork


Maths in Geography slides – Edexcel B

Edexcel released a 'Guide to Maths for Geographers' booklet a while ago. I've recently 'cut' the booklet up and put into slides, in order to add into our schemes of work where the maths skills are taught, at both KS3 and KS4. This covers misconceptions between maths and geography, as well as examples and tips … Continue reading Maths in Geography slides – Edexcel B


‘Closing the Reading Gap’ ideas in Geography

Having read 'Closing the Reading Gap' by Alex Quigley (in one day!) I instantly began to question which strategies would best work inside my secondary geography classroom. I have created a batch of templates with ideas from the book. These templates can be used to give students when completing reading tasks in the classroom. Click … Continue reading ‘Closing the Reading Gap’ ideas in Geography


Curriculum planning grid: Geography – from GA conference

Following the eGA conference 2020, I absolutely loved the planning grid shared in David Gardner's session. I believe the sessions will be available to download soon on the GA website. It was called 'Planning your coherent geography curriculum 11-16'. The presentation shared many ideas into the world of curriculum and progression planning in Geography - … Continue reading Curriculum planning grid: Geography – from GA conference


Curriculum planning: Geography

Curriculum planning Curriculum design seems to be on every school agenda in light of the recent Ofsted changes. Some schools have produced sharp documents showcasing their curriculum plans for each subject, whereas others have focused on enhancing subject knowledge for staff. For me, curriculum planning has been my passion project since becoming a fully trained … Continue reading Curriculum planning: Geography


Year 11 revision, mock analysis, and progress communication

Our Year 11's sat their Edexcel B SAMS paper 1 and 2 mocks prior to Christmas. Here are our reflections and experiences on it. Hope you find it useful! Communicating GCSE expectations At the beginning of year 10 students are given an A4 overview of the course, outlining what the Edexcel B spec entails along … Continue reading Year 11 revision, mock analysis, and progress communication

New Geography Resources from The GA

I have recently been using the new geography resources from the GA. They're still relatively new, so I thought it would be handy to share it with others. I also had an opportunity to contribute to some resources (not on the website yet), so know first hand that these resources are created from geography teachers … Continue reading New Geography Resources from The GA

Doing group work on MS Teams (without breakout rooms)

EEF research shows peer interaction is highly effective when teaching remotely (see blog here). I try to embed group work into most of my lessons to support this. If you are not quite ready to explore the 'breakout rooms' functionality yet, maybe you could try the following steps to set up group work? Step 1: … Continue reading Doing group work on MS Teams (without breakout rooms)

Structuring a virtual lesson

If you are teaching 'live' virtual lessons, you may have found yourself falling into 'lecture style' lessons, with students taking notes as they go. Virtual lessons should be held similarly to lessons in the classroom, with creativity and interactivity and opportunities to check student learning. I've created a 'structure' to my virtual lessons to support … Continue reading Structuring a virtual lesson

What makes an effective virtual lesson?

All schools will have their own approach to remote learning. If you are teaching virtual lessons, you may find this post useful to help rethink your approach to planning these lessons. My number one top tip is to focus on the pedagogy and purpose of activities, rather than getting bogged down with the technology and … Continue reading What makes an effective virtual lesson?

Virtual Moderation

This half term we are trying to be very mindful of spending prolonged period of time together at school in order to minimise risk of Covid. Despite this, we've just completed an assessment period and must ensure we have a rigorous moderation and clear standardisation process in order to feel confident with our marks. We … Continue reading Virtual Moderation

Increasing uptake for GCSE Geography

The welcome keynote speech at the GA conference by Gill Miller discussed raising the profile of geography. She likened it to a business selling a product. By increasing knowledge of the product and by people knowing what it does and how it can be used, it can subsequently lead to a rise in profile, and … Continue reading Increasing uptake for GCSE Geography

A brave reflection as a leader: 360-degree feedback.

What is it? 360-degree feedback is where those who work closely with you (peers, seniors and those in your teams) complete an anonymous questionnaire about you. You have control by setting the questions, and they have privacy by individually and anonymously answering the questions. You should answer the questions yourself first, to see how you … Continue reading A brave reflection as a leader: 360-degree feedback.

Introduction to A-Level Geography topics

I've collated links to resources to watch, read and listen to across a range of topics.  These are great for students and staff, particularly for those who have never taught A-level Geography before. This is not a reading list, it’s a short snappy list of resources as a starting point to prepare for A-Level subject … Continue reading Introduction to A-Level Geography topics